Deep Cleaning/ One time Cleaning/ Recurring Cleaning

At Deana’s Cleaning Service, our cleaning techs are trained to provide superior deep cleaning, leaving your home clean and sanitized. Currently, the need for these services is greater than ever. With a deep cleaning we focus on touching all surfaces. In addition to being clean your environment will be sanitized. Offering you’re a peace of mind knowing your home has been deep cleaned with EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectants.

Pandemic or not, it’s always a good idea to have your home deep cleaned. A deep cleaning will focus on the things not regularly maintained ( I.e. baseboards, ceiling fans, etc.)

With our recurring clients, we require them to get a deep cleaning prior to taking them on as recurring clients. With the deep cleaning it gets the home ready to be serviced on a recurring basic. After your deep cleaning we will maintain all things done with altering task such as blinds, ceiling fans and baseboards.




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