My journey started in Texas roughly 9 years ago.   I decided to quit my job without a plan for the future. I literally stepped out on faith that something else was out there for me. For 3 years I was unemployed without any future career choices that moved me. One night while lying in bed I asked myself what I can do tomorrow that would fulfill me while making money. Something that I already had the skills, talent and drive to do. I thought cleaning! I’m naturally a nurturer due to that fact that I am the oldest of 4 and was forced to clean, provide and care for my siblings. Initially it was just to pass time and make money. I started by sending out random texts to family and friends offering cleanings at the rate they were already paying their existing housekeepers if any. To my surprise this was the beginning of my brand and business Deana’s Cleaning Service! I a firm believe that if you have passion for the work you put out, treat others like you what to be treated, be dedicated and your clients will guide, help build, and refer you to future business opportunities. I truly believe I was blessed early on to obtain some amazing clients that believed in me and my potential more than I did at the time. This lead me to my trademark be well, be blessed, be clean!

I can honestly say that the road thus far has been very smooth. Nothing out of the ordinary that a small business would encounter. I believe it is due to the fact that I held quality customer service as top priority and placed very high standards on myself and staff. Currently my challenges are taking Deana’s Cleaning Service to the next level, expanding my business and hiring quality staff that will reflect my mission. Because I did not have professional cleaning experience and I never ran a business before overcoming the obstacles of learning the in’s and out of entrepreneurship has been a big challenge. Also wearing multiple hats and balancing it all.